The Mission:

To enhance the lives of youth facing adversity by providing messages of love. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual battles, love is healing, love is medicine and everyone is qualified to prescribe love and be love.

The Vision:

To create a happier and healthier human race by spreading love.


The highest form of love. Going beyond emotions, Prescribe Love believes in seeking the best for others through kind and thoughtful acts.


Everyone is qualified to prescribe love. By prescribing love to someone, you are creating a bond, a support system, and a lifeline.


We strive to promote positive well-being. We go beyond physical health; wellness includes emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

About Me

I received my doctorate in pharmacy in 2014 after attending Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy at East Tennessee State University. This launched the journey to building Prescribe Love. After working 6 years in the field, and assisting countless patients, I still felt I was without purpose and direction. I went into the medical field because I wanted to help others; what was missing?

Since childhood, I have struggled with depression, anxiety, and body image. My sexual identity also presented challenges. As a child I was bullied, shamed, and lived in fear of who I was. Despite that, I persevered and I did so because I had a support network built on love. This network did not always look the way I wanted it to, but it was enough--love was enough. It is why I continue to grow and combat my personal struggles. Now in my adult years, I have come to realize that love isn't just enough, it is everything! Love was a medicine that healed wounds and allowed me the strength to fight.

Through Prescribe Love, my hope is to give people a platform to establish support networks through prescriptions of love to youth (and adults) struggling with any myriad of hurt. Let love do the work; it needs no degree, only action. So be the love you want to see; we are all qualified to prescribe love.

Keaton Andrus, PharmD

Prescribe Love


P.O. Box 62583
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80962

Your Story:

If Prescribe Love has inspired or helped you in any way, mail us your story. We would love to read and share it with your permission! #belove

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