Why Donate?

Our mission is to provide additional support to those feeling lonely or unloved, or facing any number of personal battles. Even a small note reminding them that they are not alone will help spread love and support for those in need.

Currently Prescribe Love is not a registered nonprofit organization and therefore all donations are not tax deductible.

In one year, per legal counsel, Prescribe Love will apply for nonprofit status (501c-3) so that future donations will qualify. This organization's main focus is to become a nonprofit once it has shown value and sustainability to the community. At that point, the IRS is more likely to grant the status.

While donations are currently not tax deductible they are still greatly appreciated to help grow the mission and vision.

100% of all donations will be put back into the organization to help with growth, materials, and provide support and love to those who need it.

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Prescribe Love


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If Prescribe Love has inspired or helped you in any way, mail us your story. We would love to read and share it with your permission! #belove

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