Prescribing Ground Rules:

Before beginning, it is required to read through the rules and policies of Prescribe Love. Failure to comply with any of the below items will result in the prescription being returned to provider for editing. I do not want to prevent anyone's letter from being sent but I also want to make sure the recipient is protected from discouraging messages. As long as your letter meets the following requirements, it will be mailed out via USPS anywhere in the United States!

1. Hate speech (racism, discrimination, prejudice) is unacceptable and will result in your prescription not being refunded or returned for amendments. Be kind! 

2. Please refrain from telling someone how to feel better. What may work for you may not work for someone else and can be more damaging than helpful if not well received. For example, "Try working out more/go to church/eat better food." I am not discrediting these as potentially helpful suggestions, but want to protect the recipient from something they may not be ready to hear or experience.

3. Keep the message focused on the recipient. Although you might have similar experiences, it would be harmful to assume you know exactly how someone feels. Make sure to keep the message in support of them.

4. A message can be addended unlimited times for appropriateness, but in the case that the sender is unwilling to make recommended changes, a refund will be issued and the message will not be sent. 

5. Maybe you want to send a message but don't know exactly how to start or what to say. If you would like to see some sample message prompts CLICK HERE.

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Your Story:

If Prescribe Love has inspired or helped you in any way, mail us your story. We would love to read and share it with your permission! #belove

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